This is a POST

It can be used as a blog or an article for your website.  The process is the same to create each one.  

To Add or Edit posts click on the POSTS Tab at the top of your account page or click HERE.

This post is called "Post".  Easy to remember, huh? You can replace the contents of this post or delete it and create your own. 

You can create a post, save and publish it.  The post will be assigned to "Blog" in your public website's menu automatically.  There are advanced techniques to customize your menus and assign your posts to different areas of your site.  These tricks will be covered in our tutorial videos.  To start, you can simply create your blog and it will be added to the Blog menu for you.

The Post Editor

This simple editor let's you create a document much like a word processor.  Using the simple editing tools you can format your text by making it:




or italic.  

You can even add a splash of COLOUR!

Add Your Own Photos!

By clicking on the image icon on the tool bar you can add your own photos to your post.  Go ahead and give it a try!  Upload images from your computer or use photos you have previously uploaded that are stored in your library.

Practise Makes Perfect

Use this post to practise your creation techniques.  You can erase everything and start from scratch.  You can also delete it and start your own post.  More advanced users can use the HTML editor for even more customization.

Follow the tips in the "How To Create Posts" video to learn more about creating blogs and articles.